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Why is it that Hello World is always used?

It’s the first program you learn to code, displaying ‘Hello World’. I was a rebel though, I wasn’t willing to go where the millions had gone, so in my very rebellious way I coded the program to say ‘Goodbye World’. Not really thinking about the philosophical stuff behind this, I just figured what the hay, they said left, i’ll say right.

The problem was the program wouldn’t execute, error after error kept annoying me, I finally decided to rage at the machine, quite literally when a class mate confessed he had been messing with the code (we were sharing one PC at our first class).

The point is, why is it Hello World? Why not ‘Hello (name)’ or simply ‘Good Day’.

This is my blog, you’ll see a lot of random stuff like this on here, I’ll be posting my reviews and stuff that makes sense over at but as far as ramblings like these and my trials and tribulations learning the ins and outs of UE4 (just started, dear lord help meh!).

I might also talk about a movie I saw, book I read (Highly Unlikely) or an Album I listened to, this is my blog, my world, my asylum.